Armorial Bearings

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Armorial Bearings of the Ware Town Council

By letters patent in 1956 the College of Arms granted Armorial Bearings to the Ware Urban District Council.

On the 16th April 1975 Her Majesty The Queen was graciously pleased to make an order in Council (to be effective on May 19th 1975) whereby the Armorial Bearings of the Ware Urban District Council were to be transferred to the Ware Town Council.

The details of the coat of arms are as follows:

The blue field of the shield alludes to the river and the barge rudders striped with the livery colours of the City of London (red) refer to the free entry of the Ware bargemen to the Port of London. The sheaves of barley (gold) refer to malting and the post horns (gold) to the town’s coaching inns.

The motto “cave” meaning “beware” was suggested by the College of Heralds and intended as yet another pun on the Town’s name.