Town Twinning

Wulfwrath logoWulfwrath twinning treatyWülfrath is twelve miles north of Dusseldorf and has a population of 22,000. Each year a Christmas Fair is held in the Church Square and a delegation from Ware actively participates.

The Town Twinning Association is an active committee, which works to further links between both towns.

Wülfrath has been twinned with Ware since 1971 and a Pledge of Friendship has been signed bi-annually since that time. Over the years many contacts, friendships and exchange visits have been made. Cormeilles-en-Parisis is a much newer twinned town, the Pledge of Friendship being signed in France in September 2001.

Cormeilles-en-parisis logoCormeilles Twinning TreatyCormeilles-en-Parisis is ten miles Northwest of Paris. It has a population of 20,000. It is famous for its Plaster of Paris.

Town Twinning strives to strengthen links and to help exchanges between the towns, especially schools and other young people, and helps to assist likeminded groups and organisations. A committee of local residents and Town Councillors, elected annually, meet at the Priory every other month to discuss Twinning issues. Membership is open to local residents, families and organisations. Apply today by downloading an application for membership.

Enquiries to: The Secretary of the Town Twinning Association Committee, c/o the Priory. Tel: 01920 460316.